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LBR-100 Lead/Bass/Rhythm Isolator.

Remove Vocals/Leads. Isolate Bass Lines. Karaoke from Normal CDs.

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Key Benefits

This exciting new device can be used to remove leads or vocals and/or isolate the bass instrument from a recording so that you can play along with or figure out the various instrument parts .

You hookup your CD player or other audio source and the LBR-100 does the rest. Features include:

1) Spatial eliminator. On a stereo recording, spatial elements (such as the center) of the recording can be eliminated. On stereo albums this means you can usually eliminate most of the vocal or lead instrument. Then you can play along with the recording or more easily transcribe the rhythm section parts.

2) Very sharp adjustable low pass filter. You can set the low pass filter so that only the bass comes through or set it a bit higher and now you have the bass and rhythm guitar or piano.

3) Adjustable high pass filter. Great for eliminating the bass for bass players that want to play along with a recording.

4) Left/Right balance. Most portable CD players do not have left/right balance adjustment. This feature is useful for isolating instruments that are strongly on one channel. In addition, play along records that require stereo balance separation can be used with a portable CD player.

Input: Line level stereo mini plug
Output: Line level stereo Mini plug
Spatial eliminator on/on+bass/off switch
Left/Right Balance/Spatial locator knob
Low Pass/No filter/Hi Pass switch + gain knob
Frequency knob
9V Battery operated. Optional wall transformer



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