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Now you can do your own transcriptions . You can be guaranteed that the musicians you idolize learned this way. In other words, they figured out things by ear from their favorite recordings.

We have a full line of products that will help you do this.

No single practice technique will do more for your playing than doing your own transcriptions. Even if you want to buy a transcription book you will get the most benefit if you try to do the transcription yourself and then check it against the book (hopefully the author does accurate transcriptions).

The biggest roadblock for most people in doing their own transcriptions is that the music is going by too fast. Even slow music can be hard to figure out. Sometimes we just want to hear one note at a time even.

That's why we offer several products that will slow down music  and play it back at much slower speeds,  without lowering the pitch as happens with a half speed tape recorder. We have the Transkriber software, TR-1000 Digital Music Study Recorder and TR-400 Digital Music Study Recorders.

How do I learn those rhythm guitar tracks? The singer or lead guitarist is making it hard for me to focus on the rhythm track.

We offer several solutions for this problem.

The easiest solution is when you are working with a stereo recording.

The idea behind stereo is that it is supposed to give you a 2D effect whereby each instrument appears to be somewhere from far left, to center to far right; just as it would if they were playing in front of you.

It is possible to cancel out any particular point from far left to far right. So for example, on most pop records, the singer or lead guitar appears to be right in front of you, just as they would be on stage. Next time you listen to a stereo recording, try  listening for where all the instruments are in the "mix".

The Transkriber software allows you to cancel the center of a stereo recording and thus will eliminate most of the vocal or lead instrument in a pop recording.

The new LBR-100 hardware device is somewhat more sophisticated in this respect.

Since a given instrument doesn't have to be in the center, the LBR-100 provides you with a knob that will let you select whatever point from far left to far right that you want to cancel. This is important if the lead is not mixed in the center.

If you don't have a stereo recording, the LBR-100s filtering mechanism can help to block out the instruments in a higher audio range. In fact you can set exactly where you want it to start blocking out the music.


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