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I am a firm believer in the value of transcribing for all musicians and I am a staunch endorser of the Reed Kotler TR-1000. The two go together. Transcribing music is the tried-and-proven way to gain vocabulary on the instrument, to improve as a player and to create a personal style. After trying the TR-1000 it has proven itself to me. The TR-1000 is the ultimate transcribing tool. After years of using tape decks of all types and experimenting with various digital slow-mos and computer software, I have come to the conclusion that this is THE ONE. The TR-1000 is well-thought out and very functional, it feels and responds like it was designed by transcribers for transcribers. The technology is seamless, the TR-1000 removes the barricades between art and science and gets one closer to the music. The transport controls are ergonomic—they are physically laid out like a tape deck and highly intuitive. TR-1000 makes the task of transcribing so much easier and more enjoyable—leaving you to work on your ear and the sounds, and not to fiddle with controls. The looping capabilities of the TR-1000 are particularly useful—to define the exact phrase you are transcribing and then manipulate it and edit it with such ease is truly an accomplishment. The TR-1000 is not a toy. Compared to some of the lightweight low-fidelity units out there, this is a serious machine. The RCA jacks allow for professional -quality connection to a board or stereo amplifier, and the sound is as good as it gets. The TR-1000 has become an indispensable addition to my studio and desktop. I can't imagine transcribing music without it.

Wolf Marshall

Clinician, Editor and Contributor for Guitar One Magazine and well as the author of many transcription books and the "Wolf Marahsll Guitar Method" published by Hal Leonard Publishers .


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